All About Kathie's

Kathie's has been in business since March 1978. My name is Kathie Guy and I have been blessed in having a business that I enjoy doing, and not just another job.  Many of you know that I am a deep rooted Conroe-ite, my mother and father owned and operated Speedy's Auto Service for over 50 years so when I say I AM DEEP ROOTED - I AM ROOTED!

I have a wonderful husband Lamar (who has 2 children) who supports me in all of my endeavors. I have also been blessed with a daughter Kimberly Mann Wilson she will graduate in August 2010 from UH with a bachelors in business and assoc. in office management.  She has stayed on the Deans List through most of her college and I am very proud of her.  She has also blessed me with 3 wonderful grandsons.  Together Lamar and I have 9 grandchildren.  We also have 2 children at home, they are Grit and Jetta, they are really dogs, but don't tell them, they won't believe you.

We also have a massage therapist in our center and vitamins and herb center we do not charge for the live entertainment that you will receive or the wonderful friendly atmosphere, so why wait any longer, wont you come and join us in a day of Beauty and Smiles.

GOD HAS REALLY BLESSED ME, Thank you for checking out our web site.